How sad Heaven must have been when Satan, the dragon,
deceived and drew one-third of the stars (angels) from Heaven.

fallen angels

Why was sin Permitted? – Patriarchs and Prophets 


Why was Sin Permitted? – Beginning of the End 

I wrote Amazing facts and asked —
When was Satan cast out of Heaven? Before or after the earth was created?
Eugene Prewitt, the Bible Doc answered —
Satan was cast out of heaven in two steps (both pictured in Revelation 12). The first was a war when Satan lost heaven as the place of his home. But even after it was no longer his home, he visited heaven to accuse God’s people before the angels. So the angels rejoiced at the fact that he lost access to heaven when Jesus died. But they said “woe to the inhabitors of the earth” because they know that Satan was greatly irritated by his restriction.

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