Show me Your ways, O Lord;
Teach me Your paths.
Psalm 25:4-5

From Sinai to Kadesh – Patriarchs and Prophets


The Terrible Grumblings of God’s People – Beginning of the End – you can listen here

*Think about it –
Unhappiness is contagious, and it soon spread in the camp. . .
The Children of Israel deliberately put God to the test
by demanding that He give them what their appetites craved.
(In the Beginning of the End it said – “They tested God in their heart“?)
They challenged God, saying, “Can you give us food in the desert? We doubt it.
Your promises are nothing but straws in the wind. Yes you gave us water to drink;
you brought streams of water out of the deserts sands,
but you can’t feed all of us with meat and bread.”
When the Lord heard this, He was very displeased,
and when He came in the midst of Jacob,
the fire of His presence destroyed many who rebelled against Him.
They had no faith in God nor did they trust His deliverance.
Psalm 78:18-22 The Clear Word

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